Enter Contests

  • Enter a contest by searching the lobby.
  • Select the contest, and click enter.
  • You can now view the player pool in the contest.
  • Players are ranked in 5 tiers, 1 are the higher rated players, 5 are the lowest.
  • Rankings are based on the player rating.
  • Select one player from each tier to fill out your fantasy team! Pick wisely!
  • Once the matches begin, rosters will lock. Start cheering for your players!
  • You will accumulate points based on the performance from your players!


Action Points
Kills +1 PTS
Assists +0.5 PTS
Deaths -0.5 PTS

Earn the same amount of points the player earns!
Action Points
In Game Points In Game Points

Action Points
Kills +1 PTS
Deaths -0.5 PTS

Rocket League
Action Points
Goals +10 PTS
Assists +3 PTS
Shot +1 PTS
Save +3 PTS
Win +5 PTS
Loss -5 PTS
Shutout +10 PTS

Coming Soon!


The player pool will consists of all players expected to be on the roster for any team scheduled to play in the contest game set. There are times when a player may be missing from the player pool due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances. Once the player pool is established for a game set, including ranking and tier, the player pool will not be adjusted. In the event an error has been made in the player pool that would significantly impact game quality, EliteDuels reserves the right to correct the mistake.


Players are ranked based off their rating. The higher the rating, the better the player.


  • Opp - Opponent
  • FPTS - Fantasy Points
  • FPPM - Fantasy Points Per Match
  • FPPR - Fantasy Points Per Round
  • GPP - Guaranteed Prize Pools
  • NG - Non Guaranteed

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